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Our wonderful project to help survive and improve our environment. One of the fundamental to the existence of life on our planet, keys is a clean environment, free of contaminants.

  • Pet Bottle Washing Line

    Our standard PET bottle washing line is your complete solution for turning dirty bales of PET bottles into clean PET flakes ready for usage in producing polyester staple fiber or further processing into plastic granules via pelletizing. We offer standard washing capacities from 500kg/h up to 3000kg/h and can also manufacture custom wash lines with greater capacities.

  • Haitai

    Horizontal injection machines for plastic from 90 to 3000 tons.

  • Fomtec

    Vertical injection molding machines for plastic from 15 to 210 tons.

Problem Solved

There are two ways to combat "problem" generation

  • Reused

    Reuse, i.e. reuse a product, without further processing, to give the same or other use

  • Recycling

    Recycling, or apply some treatment to reintroduce waste in a life cycle.

  • Managing

    Choose Organic and Non Organic type for solve.

Idea Of RTW

RTW is system for plastic reused

What is RTW-Recycling The World

Recycling WorldIn the first phase, we will be once the amount of money for the collection of pre-launch we raise, use that money to finish our website and start building our recycling plants, how do we do? Simple, we start in the first phase on 5 key countries which are: Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru and Chile. What we will build a recycling plant by country and study the operation in each country and decide to move to Phase 2. Before moving to phase 2. Recycling world He is pleased for deciding not only recycle plastic which is the major contaminant in the world, but also recycle glass, paper, cardboard, metals, debris, among others. Phase 2 of the project. At this stage, once initial study in each country the costs of land, materials, spare parts, among other things. And draw conclusions, we move to something bigger, that would supply all Central and South America with though is 2 recycling plants per country. In this way we promote education, we create job vacancies and saving the planet. The goal at this stage is to have 60 recycling plants across the Latin American continent. Decide whether or not a large, medium or small plant, many job vacancies are generated. This phase will also develop a distribution and awareness of people. We invest in building and placing garbage bins which are divided into 4 well identified colors.

RTW Team

Team And Partner RTW

RTW Progress

This Our Impact Progress

  • RTW-Recycling The World is project great. People need know environment is important for life.
    Hatta D Yuthafiga
    Founder Nur1Labs.Ltd


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